What size of the fiber cement panel?

Size of the fiber cement panel

LATONIT fiber cement panels with a width of 1500 mm can be manufactured in length up to 3600 mm that does them as one of the biggest in the market of facade panels of this type. Panels of the big linear dimensions allow reveting a facade of any area with the minimum quantity of joints. The line of a joint of facade panels demands from a subsystem an existence of a dual profile or a profile of the increased width. The less joints, the simpler and more reliable facade and the lower its prime cost.

Standard width of LATONIT fiber cement panel: 1500 mm.

Standard options of length: 1200 mm, 3000 mm and 3600 mm.

It is necessary to pay attention that by agreement with the customer the fiber cement panels of any required sizes within these maximum values — width of 1500 mm and length of 3600 mm can be made. LATO, OJSC can also carry out a factory sawing of the fiber cement panels by the existing design of a hinged facade, execute drilling of the mounting and technological (for example, for outlets of air- conditioners) holes. After these operations the newly formed end faces and internal surfaces of holes are covered with hydrophobic protective solution, then with paint of original color and with varnish. All operations are made in factory environment in compliance of strict technological norms.

Standard options of thickness of fiber cement panel: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 и 16 mm.

The fiber cement panels 6 mm thick can be used for facing of surfaces with low wind loading, for example loggias. Such boards are the facilitated version of the fiber cement panel and they allow reducing both expenses, and total weight of facing.

The fiber cement panels 8 mm thick are the standard generally accepted for the fiber cement facing materials, representing an optimum ratio of weight and mechanical strength of the panel.

When the bigger resistance to physical impacts is necessary, the fiber cement panels in thickness of 10 and more millimeters are used. Such panels are usually used for facade finishing of lower storeys of buildings where they are exposed to especially active stresses, for example in places with active pedestrian traffic, bicycles traffic, etc.

To increase the aesthetic qualities of facades of lower storeys of buildings the fiber cement panels with the concealed fixing are also often used that allows avoiding existence of the visible fixing elements on the front surface of a facade.

The fiber cement panels 12, 14 and 16 millimeters thick are used for mounting with the concealed fixing, as well as if necessary to use extra strong facade panels. The board of the fiber cement of such thickness not only is extremely strong, but also has very high acoustic and thermal insulating properties. You can also order the anti-vandal facade panels with a special covering with very high degree of protection against pollution for lower storeys of buildings. Such covering will perfectly resist to billposters of advertisement and graffiti artists — all such arts can be removed easily, returning to facades their original appearance.

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