Service of sawing (cutting) of the fiber cement boards by the design sizes



Is it possible to make so that someone has cut out the fiber cement panels purchased by you by the required sizes and has carefully painted the cut end faces with original paint? And someone has done this not on your building site, and in his workshop and on the specialized equipment. Professionally.

Would it be nice that packages with panels, already ready to mounting with all mounting and technological holes, are delivered to an object? And besides to spare at the same time.

Does it sound fantastically? And it is reality!

LATO, OJSC offers unique service: precision guided sawing (cutting) and drilling of LATONIT fiber cement boards by the design sizes of the customer. Sawing is carried out in factory environment on the specialized equipment. After cutting the surface of a cut and holes of the fiber cement boards are covered with hydrophobic solution and paint of the corresponding color. You can see below the complete list of advantages of factory sawing of the fiber cement boards.

Sawing the fiber cement panels

The correct sawing of the fiber cement panels is one of the most serious problems in the performance of mounting the ventilated facades. This operation should be carried out on a specialized sawing table (machine) ensuring geometrical accuracy of the work performance. The sawing table (machine) shall be placed indoors or under cover to preclude an exposure of atmospheric precipitations.

Operations of sawing and drilling are carried out only with dry boards. The fiber cement dust which is formed during processing should be removed with a dust arrester to avoid setting the fiber cement dust with airborne moisture and damage of the decorative coating. In operating time it is necessary to apply individual protection equipment for eyes, respiratory organs and hands.

Instruments for sawing the fiber cement boards:

  • stationary saws with a dust arrester;
  • portable saws with a dust arrester;
  • scroll saw for small and curved cuts.

For stationary saws, the mounting flange diameter should be 2/3 of the saw diameter to avoid fatigue fractures. The allowed saw’s butt beat can be no more than +0,1 mm.

It is important to stick to feed speed limits of saw edge within 3-3,5 meters per minute. When sawing the fiber cement boards it should be noted that use of details with width less than 100 mm is undesirable because of their increased fragility even at small deformation.

Disks for sawing the fiber cement boards

The following disks are used:

  • carbide-soldered;
  • silicon carbide disks;
  • diamond disks with variable cross section.

Drilling the fiber cement boards

When drilling the mounting holes in the fiber cement panels it is very important to maintain a marking accuracy, without having the hole 30 mm closer to edge of the board. It is necessary to fix a drill strictly at right angle to a surface of the fiber cement board.

Instruments for drilling the fiber cement boards:

Fiber cement should be drilled with a sharp drill made of instrument steel or with a hard tip. The best sharpening angle of the drill for this operation is 60 degrees. When drilling the use of the shock mode isn't allowed.

Processing of end faces and holes of fiber cement boards

The cut after sawing the board should be even, smooth, without spalls or burrs. It is achieved by use of correctly chosen and sharpened instrument. Newly formed end faces of boards also can be additionally polished for improvement of quality of painting and bigger accuracy of joints. The fiber cement dust should be removed from a surface of the board immediately upon completion of operations. Also, the board cut must be cleaned with air (for example, using compressor) or mechanically (by means of soft brush, rags, etc.).

The cleaned cut of the panel is processed with primer at first, then with hydrophobic solution or sealant, then with the corresponding paint. It is important to pay attention to accuracy of the application of protective coating - careless drips of paint can make a muck of facade appearance upon its closer view.

Factory sawing and processing the boards allow to achieve an exact and careful cutting the fiber cement panels, to reduce a percentage of defective goods and to increase a quality of processing surfaces of sawing and holes.

Qualitative advantages of the factory sawing of the fiber cement boards:

  • all works are carried out in specially equipped workshops excluding a possibility of negative impact of dust and the environment;
  • the specialized equipment ensuring the guaranteed observance of geometry and the sizes is used;
  • the qualified specialists make the sawing;
  • the computer analysis of the project choosing optimal variants of sawing is carried out before cutting the panels;
  • processing the surfaces of cuts and holes is carried out with the same materials and the same paint which was used at production of the fiber cement panels;
  • the factory quality of protective coatings of end faces, holes and their drying are provided;

Economic benefit

  • much time which is usually needed for sawing the panels "in the place" and correction of the made mistakes and defective goods is saved;
  • the expenses for organization of the place/workshop, for purchase of the equipment for processing the panels are absent;
  • it is not necessary to employ the qualified highly paid specialists for sawing the fiber cement panels on the place;
  • when you order LATONIT fiber cement panels with sawing service you pay only for the area of panels which has turned out after sawing;
  • on the construction site there is no additional garbage in the form of scraps of the fiber cement boards which should be removed.

Additional options - chamfering and technological holes

Slot fiber cement facade of the building in Auckland, Australia. Photo: Patrick Reynolds.

Except sawing and drilling the fiber cement boards LATO, OJSC provide with an opportunity of execution of such operations difficult on places as chamfering and cutting the technological holes.

Chamfering will help to achieve any necessary effect on joints of the fiber cement panels. Technological holes and sawing out of fragments in the lines of any specified curvature allow to solve problems of creation of non-standard configurations and design of facades practically of any complexity.

General improvement of quality and reliability of the entire hinged facade

Important factor in improvement of quality of the ventilated facade is that factory drilling of mounting holes is executed in strict accordance with the project documentation. Installation of the panels prepared in such a manner requires from the performer of conscientious mounting of a facade subsystem according to the project that has very good effect on the end result.

Service of sawing the fiber cement panels

The service of factory cutting of the fiber cement panels is very popular in LATO, OJSC. When you order the fiber cement panels we recommend to you to agree on the possibility to cut for the purchased consignment in advance. It will allow to minimize delays at execution of your order.