About the company

Lato OJSC is one of the leading enterprises in the Russia’s construction materials industry, specialized in the manufacture of fibre cement boards.

During the entire lifetime, the enterprise has been technically upgrading the manufacture based on domestic and foreign equipment, improving the manufacture process, and extending the output product range.

The correctly chosen development strategy and an idea to create modern production using high-technology equipment, with the products capable of meeting all the constructor’s most demanding requirements, allowed the enterprise proceeding to the implementation of two investment projects in 2006:

- Manufacture of fibre cement boards
- Processing of fibre cement boards (cutting, grinding, painting)

Leading European companies from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy became factory’s partners.

Modern organizational technical level, application of modern resource- and energy-saving technologies, use of cutting-edge domestic and foreign experience allow ensuring stable quality of the products output.

The manufacture of fibre cement boards is an important step in our enterprise’s development not only due to the product range extension and production capacity increase but it also indicates the innovative nature of the selected course, allowing completely different positioning in the construction materials market.