Development history


  • A fibre cement board process line installed and commissioned.
  • A set of fibre cement board painting, grinding, and cutting lines commissioned.


  • Manufacture of fibre cement weatherboards.


  • The second process line for airless-spray painting of fibre cement boards commissioned.
  • The second LATONIT board processing complex was launched to increase the output and reduce the fulfillment times of orders for ground, sawn, and colored fibre cement boards.


  • A multifunctional processing center to process and manufacture variously shaped (circle, diamond, ellipse, etc.) parts from fibre cement boards installed and commissioned, along with processing of fibre cement board edges to create an even seamless surface when cladding interior and exterior walls.
  • Manufacture of stuff-dyed fibre cement boards.
  • Manufacture of fibre cement boards with vandal-proof coating.


  • Manufacture of fibre cement boards with a protective and decorative surface to clad transport tunnels.