The boards shall be transported to and on the site by any means of transport or device, observing the goods carriage rules established for that means of transport or device and the requirements of other duly approved documentation. The load grippers shall have protective attachments preventing possible damage to the products. The boards are supplied in unit loads. The unit loads are formed from boards of specified size, using wooden pallets, and wrapped in polyethylene film. 

During handling, sling the unit loads under the pallet’s cross bars. The boards shall be laid and fastened to preclude displacement. 

When transporting by road, place the unit loads with boards in the truck in one or two lines across the body’s width. When loading unit loads in two lines across the body’s width, open the truck’s sides to free the slings. After the truck is loaded, close the sides. To avoid possible turnover, fasten the unit loads with wire, rope, or special belts, hooking them on the side hooks or the truck’s frame girders. 

Manual transport of the boards should be only by two workers, one board at a time. The board, when carried, must be held vertically, avoiding bending and sagging. If it is impossible to carry vertically, use a stretcher. Do not carry two or more boards manually without using a stretcher.



The boards shall be stored by consumer observing the following conditions:

It is allowed to temporarily store boards formed into unit loads on an open dry asphalted or concreted site for 14 days at most, only in the horizontal position and only in case the shipping packing has been preserved. To ensure product safety, it is better to use additional watertight cover – polyethylene film. For longer periods, the products must be placed in an enclosed area. The enclosed area shall ensure full protection of the boards from atmospheric precipitations (rain, snow).

If the shipping packing has been damaged, the boards should be stored in an enclosed area or under cover in the conditions preventing their damping to avoid adfreezing of or damage to the products.

To prevent damage to painted board surface during the transport or storage, the boards shall be interlaid with an interlaying material.

When transporting the boards manually to the place of storage, observe the interlaying material’s safety. The interlaying material shall completely preclude contact between painted surfaces. Unit loads with boards without decorative coating, when stored by the consumer, may be stacked up. The total height of the unit loads stack shall not exceed 2,5 m. Unit loads from boards with decorative coating, when stored by the consumer, shall not be stacked up.

Do not leave an opened pack on an open site during breaks between works.

When opening pile packing, each board shall be lifted with care not to scratch the board below.

Do not store the products in direct contact with the following aggressive substances: acids, alkalis, fuels and lubricants, alcohols, organic solvents.