Processing of personal data on the website

The administration of the website (hereinafter – "Website") is respectful to visitors of our Website. We treat your right to confidentiality of personal information with all responsibility. Please, read the information on privacy policy stated below on the Website; after reading and understanding this information you agree to collection, storage and use of your personal information according to this policy.


Collection of information


On our website we can collect, store and use the following types of personal information:

1. information on your visits, use of the Website, your IP address, geographical location, information on the computer, including the version of the browser, an operating system, information source, duration of visit, the number of viewings of the page;

2. information concerning any operations made on the Website or in relation to the Website;

3. information provided by you at registration on the Website and when using it;

4. accounts of any activity of users of the Website.

All personal information is provided by you voluntarily at visit or registration on the Website.


Information using


The administration of the Website reserves the right to use the data provided by you for individualization of settings, increases in convenience of your use of the Website, as well as for other not illegal purposes. We guarantee not to provide information about you to the third parties, in cases if:

1. the data wasn't intended for transfer to the third parties;

2. it isn't required in accordance with applicable law;

3. we won't find out that your use of the Website breaks our privacy policy and the user agreement and also other recommendations for the user, or it won't be necessary for protection of our legitimate rights and/or property.

The administration of the Website has the right to transfer your personal data to the third parties in cases if:

3.3.1. You have expressed the consent to such actions;

3.3.2. transfer is necessary within use of a certain resource of the Website by you or executions of other obligations to you (or the person who you represent);

3.3.3. transfer happens during sale or other transfer of rights to the Website (in whole or in part), moreover all obligations for observance of conditions of the present privacy policy in relation to the personal information obtained by it pass to the new owner;

3.3.4. receiving official request of the public authority made according to requirements of the current legislation of the Russian Federation;

3.3.5. it is necessary for a possibility of protection of the rights and legitimate interests of administration of the Website or the third parties (in particular if you violate the User Agreement);

3.3.6. in other cases provided by the existing applicable law.


Change of Privacy policy


We reserve the right to unilaterally change the present Privacy policy. In turn, we undertake to place without fail the updated Privacy policy on pages of the Website.