Residential Complex Cleverland on Comdiva Orlova – openings for conditioners at production site

4 June 2018

In our Image Gallery you can see an example of the building facing with LATONIT fiber cement panels which is located at the address: 1, Comdiva Orlova St., Moscow. Here the delivery of LATONIT panels with lead holes for line of route to the external block of split-system of air conditioning which are previously made at production site as per the design of the customer was made for the first time.

In modern buildings with the hinged ventilated facades the laying of the route for split-system is connected with risk to damage the external facing of the building. Even in case of successful drilling of an opening in the facing of the building consisting of the fiber cement panels, the raw edges of the opening allow moisture to get in material that reduces service life of panels.

To keep exterior of the building and not to break integrity of a protective cover Lato, OJSC offers to the clients the service of processing of the made panels – milling, profiling, cutting and drilling according to the project of the customer and the quality standards. The cut after sawing up of a board remains even, smooth, without spalls or burrs. After additional polishing and removing the fiber cement dust from a surface the cut is processed with primer at first, then with hydrophobic solution and with the corresponding paint. Processing of surfaces of cuts and openings is carried out with the same materials and the same paint which were used at manufacturing of the fiber cement panel, making a uniform protective layer.