The first house with LATONIT facade panels is put in commission in the residential complex "Alexandrov Park"

16 February 2018

The residential complex "Alexandrov Park" is the modern low-rise complex consisting of 3 three-storeyed houses with 7 entrances, located on entry to Borovliany town of the Republic of Belarus. At the beginning of 2018 the first house of the complex which facade was finished with LATONIT fiber cement panels was put in commission. Tenants of the first house have already estimated beautiful appearance and quality of finishing materials.

LATO, OJSC delivers the modern environmentally friendly LATONIT facade materials to many construction objects not only in Russia and the Republic of Belarus, but in Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Europe and countries of North America.

The possibility of delivery of facade panels with the required thickness, sizes and colors attracts designers and builders, allowing to realize the modern architectural concepts and reducing costs for the organization of the panels processing on-sites. Delivery of the finished facing panels which are cut out under the project also considerably increases the final quality of the hinged facades of buildings.