What are the current trends in finishing facades of buildings? What's new in interior design?

9 October 2021
On September 30, 2021, an international conference dedicated to discussing all the innovations in the facade industry of the construction industry was held in Minsk. The organizer of the 2nd conference "MODERN TRENDS IN FACADE DECORATION AND NOVELTIES IN INTERIOR DESIGN" was the Belarusian company-supplier of building materials LLC "OP Research Institute PKD".

The participants were large Russian and foreign suppliers, as well as manufacturers of finishing and building materials for building facades.


Vitaly Dadonov, a leading specialist in design and technical support of LATO JSC, addressed the participants of the conference with a welcoming speech.
He not only introduced the audience to an overview of the main types of fiber cement slabs, demonstrating samples of FTP products, but also spoke about their technical characteristics, such basic properties as environmental friendliness and durability. At the moment, TM "LATONIT" is in great demand in the Russian and international construction market.


Very soon, an informational BIM model of each of the varieties of LATONIT fiber cement board will be developed, which will allow creating three-dimensional models of buildings and other construction objects with facades made of these plates.

бим модель.jpg