LATONIT fiber cement panels on the new bright residential complex of comfort class "Parad Planet" in Korolyov of the Moscow region

11 December 2018

The residential complex “Parad Planet” is located in environmentally pristine and picturesque part of the city of Korolyov of the Moscow Region. The complex borders on the Losiniy Ostrov National Park and the Samarovskiy Forest Park, which provide residents with beautiful panoramic views from the windows, silence and fresh air.

The monolithic complex "Parad Planet" was built on the individual project of the famous Moscow architectural bureau "Ostozhenka". Decorative LATONIT facade fiber cement boards were used for the construction of a hinged ventilated facade.

The residential complex has a drop-shaped architectural form, each of 11 sections of the house has a bright personality, and by combination of the different sizes and the variety of colors of LATONIT fiber cement panels - expressive, asymmetrical undulating facades.