LATO actively participates in construction of the Residential Complex «Tavla»

22 August 2017

This year 8 high-rise buildings with a living area of nearly 120 thousand sq.m. will be built in immediate neighborhood of the new football stadium «Mordovia-Arena» in Saransk. LATO, OJSC has already begun the delivery of the colored LATONIT fiber cement boards to these objects.

The architectural concept of Tavla is developed on the basis of a popular city trend which has gained the individual traits in Saransk thanks to the use of a symbol of the republic - the solar sign - in designing of the complex. These traits of the national distinctness are successfully combined with the contemporary design of the residential complex.

Buildings of the new residential complex will be visible from far away and will be very noticeable thanks to the original forms of their recessed balconies with floor-to- ceiling windows. Favourable location and proximity of infrastructure as well as the use in construction only of qualitative materials make the Residential Complex «Tavla» as the excellent choice for persons interested in getting the residential property.

The use of LATONIT fiber cement panels in facing of buildings will provide the bright and modern appearance as well as will relieve from the necessity to repair facades for a long time.