ОАО "ЛАТО" - организация высокой социальной эффективности
LATO, OJSC is the organization of high social performance
1 May 2018
The grand celebration of the winners of the All-Russian competition "Russian Organization of High Social Performance" according to the results of 2017 arranged to a holiday of Day of Spring and Labor was held in the Big Hall of the House of the Republic...
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ОАО "ЛАТО" - победитель республиканского трудового соперничества
LATO, OJSC is the winner of the republican labor competition
28 April 2018
Awarding of winners of the republican labor competition of labor collectives of the enterprises, organizations and institutions according to the results of 2017 was held in Saransk on April 27...
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Огневые испытания фиброцементных плит LATONIT
Fire tests of LATONIT fiber cement boards
20 April 2018
The testing laboratory of the scientific and test center of fire safety of FGBU VNIIPO of EMERCOM of Russia (Federal State-Financed Establishment «All-Russian Research Institute for Fire Protection of Ministry of Russian Federation for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters») has carried out fire tests on evaluation of fire hazard of a sample of a design of the curtain wall system with air gap faced with the colored pressed LATONIT fiber cement boards...
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ЖК «Люберецкий» - сданы в эксплуатацию первые дома
The residential complex «Liuberetskii» - the first houses are put in commission
9 April 2018
The photo report on the houses constructed in the residential complex «Liuberetskii» is posted in the Image Gallery Section.
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24-ая Международная выставка строительных и отделочных материалов
The 24th International Exhibition of Building and Finishing Materials
6 March 2018
WorldBuild Moscow/MosBuild, the largest exhibition of building and finishing materials in Russia will be held from April 3 to April 6, 2018 in Moscow
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В ЖК "Александров парк" сдан в эксплуатацию первый дом с фасадными панелями LATONIT
The first house with LATONIT facade panels is put in commission in the residential complex "Alexandrov Park"
16 February 2018
The residential complex "Alexandrov Park" is the modern low-rise complex consisting of 3 three-storeyed houses with 7 entrances, located on entry to Borovliany town of the Republic of Belarus
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27-28 февраля II форум инноваций в фасадах и кровлях
The 2nd Forum of innovations in facades and roof coatings in February 27-28
13 February 2018
LATO, OJSC will participate in The 2nd Forum of innovations in facades and roof coatings
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ОАО "ЛАТО" примет участие в международной выставке строительных и отделочных материалов
LATO, OJSC will participate in the international exhibition of construction and finishing materials
8 February 2018
The international exhibition of construction and finishing materials, engineering equipment and architectural designs will be held in the Exhibition and Congress Complex "Expograd Yug" from February 27 to March 2, 2018 in Krasnodar. LATO, OJSC will present the production at one of exhibition booth.
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LATONIT для ЖК "Утесов" на западе Москвы
LATONIT for the residential complex “Utesov” on the west of Moscow
9 January 2018
In the western part of Moscow, in 10 minutes of driving from the center, on Karamyshevkaia naberezhnaia, construction of the residential complex “Utesov” comes to an end. The builder of this complex is Flat & Co company entering into dozen of the largest developers of the capital.
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