Форум инноваций в фасадах и кровлях
Forum of innovations in facades and roof coatings
27 November 2017
February 27-28, 2018 the 2nd Forum of innovations in facades and roof coatings will be held in Moscow. Within the Forum the exhibition and conferences will take place; more than 40 speakers will make a presentation. Presence about three thousand participants, the experts engaged in the facade and roofing business is expected.
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ХII национальный фестиваль архитектуры в Минске
The 12th National Festival of Architecture in Minsk
16 November 2017
The 12th National Festival of Architecture was held from November 9 to November 11 in Minsk. This event traditionally attracts interest of professional architects from the CIS countries, Europe and Asia.
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Подтверждение соответствия LATONIT Европейскому сертификату качества CE
Confirmation of conformity of LATONIT to the European CE certificate of quality
9 November 2017
LATO, OJSC once again proves conformance of LATONIT fiber cement facade materials to requirements of the European quality standards.
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Компания "ЛАТО" на "Дне проектировщика" в Ростове-на-Дону
LATO, OJSC at "Day of the Designer" in Rostov-on- Don
3 November 2017
The conference of "Day of the Designer" coincided with the professional holiday of the same name will be held on November 17 in Rostov-on- Don. LATO, OJSC with LATONIT brand acts as the partner of this event.
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LATONIT на фасаде ЖК "Золотая звезда" в Москве
LATONIT on facade of the residential complex “Gold Star” in Moscow
26 October 2017
Facade of the residential complex "Gold Star" which is built in the city district "Sokolinaia Gora" of Moscow will be decorated and protected against the weather with LATONIT fiber cement facade panels. The original graphical solution distinguishes the complex skyscrapers from standard building, doing them as unusual and unique. At the same time the drawing of each of buildings is a part of the general ensemble, making the whole integral picture.
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Красивый и практичный фасад Квартала Энтузиастов в Уфе
Fine and practical facade of the Enthusiasts Quarter in Ufa
2 October 2017
In the Republic of Bashkortostan, almost in the center of Ufa, the new residential complex Enthusiasts Quarter is built. The house of a SKY-class will be built as a part of this complex, applying modern innovations in construction and using qualitative and reliable materials.
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Поставка фиброцементных фасадных панелей Latonit для ЖК Акварель в Алматы
Delivery of Latonit fiber cement facade panels for residential complex Akvarel in Almaty
25 September 2017
LATO, OJSC has carried out a delivery of Latonit fiber cement facade panels for the first phase of construction of the residential complex Akvarel (water-colour) in Almaty of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
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Первый день IV Фасадного Конгресса
First day of the IV Facade Congress
12 September 2017
Today is the first day of the IV Facade Congress where LATO, OJSC is a sponsor. The Congress is held in three days: September 12, 13 and 14. During this time more than 60 speakers will appear here, and 270 representatives of the companies and the organizations of facade industry sector were registered as participants.
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Завершающий день выставки KazBuild / WorldBuild 2017
The finishing day of the exhibition KazBuild / WorldBuild 2017
8 September 2017
Today the finishing day of KazBuild/WorldBuild Almaty - the 24th Kazakhstan international construction exhibition is held in the city of Almaty. In the Central Asia region this event is the largest one in terms of the number of participants and the exposition area in this industry sector.
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Красивые и практичные фасады LATONIT для жилого района "Алмалы" в городе Алматы
Beautiful and practical facades of LATONIT for the residential area "Almaly" in the city of Almaty
3 September 2017
LATO, OJSC provides the delivery of the fiber cement facade panels for the new modern residential area "Almaly" which is under construction in Almaty. By the present moment nine houses have already been put in commission.
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