LATONIT on facade of the residential complex “Gold Star” in Moscow

26 October 2017

The residential complex "Gold Star" is located in the city district "Sokolinaia Gora" of Moscow. It is the highest complex of buildings and the main architectural dominant in the east of the capital.

The complex consists of 8 residential buildings, kindergarten and elementary school, objects of trade and social infrastructure, the built-in and surface parkings.

The builder of the complex is Etalon Group, one of the largest construction holding groups of Russia. The contractor has chosen LATONIT fiber cement facade panels which well-proven on other objects of the capital for facing of the hinged facade of the residential complex "Gold Star". The volume of delivery of facade panels is 55 000 sq.m today. Colors according to the RAL catalog are used: 9016, 7005, 7047, 3000 and 7016.

LATONIT fiber cement facade panels are optimum material for facing of facades of high-rise buildings. High mechanical strength of material, the perfect frost resistance, small coefficient of thermal expansion guarantee impressive durability of a facade. And high acoustic and thermal insulating properties of the fiber cement provide fine operational characteristics.

LATO, OJSC will deliver any volumes of LATONIT fiber cement facade panels of needed colors. Thickness of panels is from 6 to 16 mm, the linear dimensions are up to 1500 x 3600 mm. Besides, there is the service of factory sawing of the fiber cement panels by the design sizes which is very popular among builders. In this case the panels of the needed sizes and configurations, already ready to mounting, with all provided technological holes are delivered to an object.

Photos from website of the residential complex "Gold Star"