Horizontal installation of LATONIT weatherboards


  1. Horizontal boarding. Dimensions > 50 mm x 30 mm, distance between horizontal boarding bars > 600 mm.
  2. Anchorage. Performed using screws and screw anchors. Spacing < 800 mm.
  3. Heat insulation. Installed if necessary.
  4. Supporting vertical boarding. Connect the vertical boarding with the horizontal boarding in the intersection points with two connecting members. The vertical boarding bars shall be at least 40 mm in width; in the points of connection of the horizontal boards, the width shall be at least 70 mm. The optimum distance between the axes of the vertical bars is 600 mm.
  5. LATONIT weatherboards. Fix with self-tapping screws or nails. Before fixing, drill 3 mm holes in the boards. For fixing with screws, the distance from the board edges is 20 mm, for fixing with nails – 30 mm.
  6. Plastic angle.
  7. Door jamb.


LATONIT weatherboards are fixed on vertical bars overlapped. Several layout options are possible.

  1. «Straight»
  2. «Brickwork»
    Кирпичная кладка
  3. «Random»

Overlapped weatherboards fixing assembly. Horizont board arrangement.