Facade area

Enter the facade size in sq.m.

Value of LATONIT facade 0 RUB
Подробный расчет

Площадь фасада: м2

Расчетная стоимость плиты: 0 руб.

Стоимость фасада: 0 руб.

Note to calculation

  1. The result of calculating is not deemed an offer. For an up-to-date offer, please contact our Export Department.
  2. The calculation is described for 1 sq.m. of solid, naked wall without regard to window and door openings and jambs, outer corners, decorative elements of the facade. Depending on the architectural features of the facades, consumption of materials and value per 1 sq.m. may vary.
  3. Prices exclude the cost of material delivery to the facility.