Original design of laying LATONIT fiber cement siding

20 July 2017

In the summer of 2017 the recreational center in the settlement Ozerki of Viborgskiy district of the Leningrad Region has opened the doors for visitors.

The original design of facing with LATONIT fiber cement siding has been specially developed for a facade of the center building. The siding-panels with surface texture "wood grain" are laid on the facade with a design of "twin herring-bone", and the usage of panels of two colors creates a fanciful contrast pattern. The selected material and its colors are organically combined with the wood which is close by the recreational center - during the construction of the building the best efforts for environmental protection were made.

PK SKIF, LLC, the company of Saint Petersburg was acting as the contractor on execution of work. Object address: settl. Ozerki, Krasnodolinskaia volost, Viborgskiy district, Leningrad Region.