GRAND VERA office center

27 June 2016

LATO, OJSC, together with PositivStroy, LLC, supplied about 7,000 sq.m. of LATONIT panels for GRAND VERA office center. The uniqueness of this 16-storey building manifests itself in its architecture designed by the team of developers.

Today, Grand Vera is one of five most expressive buildings. The exterior of the object is made using the advanced technologies: LATONIT ventilated facade and sun protective coating. Thanks to a wide colour range of products, LATO, OJSC, managed to fully implement the desired solution.

LATONIT fiber cement boards comprise an ideal tool for creative and modern projects. It is environmentally sound material consisting of several components: cement in its composition gives strength, resistance to moisture, mineral fillers add plasticity, cellulose fibers play the role of internal reinforcement, protective varnish prevents burn-out and provides board self-cleaning.

An original LATONIT fiber cement board has many advantages as compared to products of other board manufacturers painted not in the factory environment. One of the most important is autoclaving. Panels that have undergone such processing have increased strength and durability. A significant advantage is low thermal conductivity. Use of this material as the front surface in systems of hinged ventilated facades will reduce the insulation thickness. Use of LATONIT fiber cement boards reduces the period of construction and installation works by 20%, as compared to porcelain stoneware, significantly reduces the cost of construction and makes it perfect and safe.

All the above allows us to face the future with confidence and opt for the most complex and interesting objects, continue to develop the material and technical base and even more increase the pace and scope of work. The final product is an impeccable facade that provides buildings and structures not only with durability and excellent performance characteristics, but also with irreproachable aesthetics.