Anti-vandal LATONIT fiber cement boards on protection of buildings

10 May 2017

ON the PHOTO: Anti-vandal LATONIT boards on a facade of the first floor of the house in Jonava, Lithuania.

There are anti-vandal panels with gloss and frost coating in assortment of LATONIT fiber cement facade boards. They are designed to resistance to graffiti, to advertisement posting and other contamination exposure to facades of city buildings.

The vandalism or antisocial influence is a serious problem of the modern cities. It is easy to create inscriptions and drawings, but it is very difficult to erase them from the buildings walls. The same problems concern also the pasted advertisements, pollution on facades of buildings. The municipal authorities spend significant funds and efforts for reconstruction of proper appearance of buildings, painting and cleaning. And after a while graffiti appear again.

The reliable and durable solution of this problem is the anti-vandal facade panels. These are the fiber cement boards coated with several layers of the special paint resistant to impact of chemical and atmospheric actions. Aerosol paint, permanent markers, adhesives of advertisements have minimum effect on a coating of such facades. The result of vandals influence is easily removed with specialty fluid, quickly returning to buildings an original appearance.

LATONIT fiber cement panels with anti-vandal coating are approved by sanitary and epidemiological authorities and recommended for using in exterior finish of buildings.